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Yes We Can!

The Ultimate Content Creator Website

Take Control Of Your Digital World While  Helping Others To Do The Same and get PAID to do it.

Everyday we leave a behind a digital legacy in this world. But We Give It All Away!

You may not see it at first, but each and every day we give away our digital legacy to social media outlets that thrive on our posts so that they have landing pages to post advertisements on.  Those are your posts, those should be your advertising dollars.  

With our ultimate web site we are helping everyday people succeed in 2 major tasks.  One is becoming a content creator on purpose to be able to take back control of your digital legacy.  The second goal is to turn that legacy into a business by taking back control of the advertising on your posts.  

ManJon Studios offers a full package that is specifically designed to do all of this an give you an mobile app experience when you interact with your site.  It will be just like posting to social media.  The big difference will be that your site will know what to do with the information you post and will post it, store it, share it or all three according to the way you set up your site.

We give you back the keys to your digital kingdom now you have the power over posts!

Ready To Start Your Content Creation Business?

You are already in that business with everything you do on social media.  Our web sites give you the power to make all of that work for you as a tax deductible business.  Our web sites are the perfect tool for anyone wanting to start a business and don’t know where to begin.  If you already have a business our sites are designed to set you apart as the expert in your industry by giving you and your business a platform for the ultimate branding.


20% Commissions on all web site sales through your coupon code.

We will create a coupon code that you can use to send people to our web site. Each sale will be tracked and you will receive 20% off all web site sales.

We want everyone to have a chance to get a code and a custom built web site so even if you don’t have the $500 for your own site, we will make you an affiliate now so you can start promoting your code now. 

Get Your Own Site Through Commissions

After you get your first 3 web site sales we will build your site with the commission from the first 3 sales and pay you your first $100.  After that you will get 20% of all sales that come in with your coupon code.

How To Get Started

Option 1. Order your own web site, use coupon code get5k to get your web site started for $500 today.  We start building your web site today while you start making sales through our site.  Once your site is up and running the site will be designed to sell the web sites for you.

Option 2.   If you would like to wait until you sold your first 3 sites before you get your web site started add coupon code cashapp on top of the get5k (you can add more than one coupon code at a time) and your amount will drop to $0.  Feel free to call 210-906-0896 if you have questions.

Your Web Site Will Rock!

Each web site we build will offer complete functionality including E-Commerce, Newsletters, News Posting, Video Promotion, Auto Sharing to Social Media, Paid Membership Area, and many custom features. They are designed to do away with several paid services bringing it all together in one location that you have full control over always!

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