2 Hour Live Event Recording/Streaming


Event recording can be a very expensive part of completely documenting your event.   The bigger the camera’s the bigger the price, add live editing and live streaming and you are into the thousands easily.  With our Sling Studio and 4 camera set up we can simultaneously record and live stream (if provided a good internet connection) and host a professional recording of your entire event.

A 2 hour recording will include 1 hour set up before the event and a 1/2 hour tear down after the event.  For publicly available events we can even show you how to get sponsors to pay for the recording so you don’t have to.  We are an event organizers dream.

Wireless Video Inputs

Up to 4 monitored sources via Wireless 802.11ac connectivity, supporting up to 1080p30, 720p60, and 720p30 video
Up to 2 monitored sources via wireless 802.11ac connectivity, supporting up to 1080p60 video

Supported wireless sources* via 802.11ac

Cameras/camcorders* with HDMI output (requires CameraLink, sold separately)
iPhone 6* or higher (requires Capture app – free download from Apple App Store)
Select Android phones* with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher (requires Capture app – free download from Google Play)

HDMI Input

Video: HDMI Type A connector – 1080i60, 1080p30, 720p60 and 720p30
Audio: 2-channel embedded audio (48 KHz, 16-bit)
HDMI Video Output
HDMI Type C connector supporting up to 1080p60 video output of program/quad view. Zero-latency option available in HDMI passthrough mode for an HDMI input source.

Analog Audio Input

3.5 mm port for line-level, 2-channel unbalanced input (mic-level input requires external pre-amp or mixer)

AV Sources Supported

Up to 10 connected sources and 4 monitored sources* in 1080p30/720p60/720p30 modes.
Example combinations:
2 smartphones, 1 CameraLink, 1 HDMI input
3 smartphones, 1 HDMI input
3 cameras/camcorder via CameraLink, 1 HDMI input
4 cameras/camcorder via CameraLink
4 smartphones

Up to 2 monitored sources in 1080p60 *

Example combinations:

2 cameras/camcorder via CameraLink
2 smartphones
1 camera/camcorder via CameraLink, 1 smartphone


Simultaneous recording and livestreaming of program output
Max. bit rate for livestreaming: 8 Mbps (input source bit rates up to 30 Mbps)

Supported Platforms

Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Twitter/Periscope, Livestream, Ustream, Restream.io and other RTMP(S) destinations


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