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We create full custom websites with truly full custom functionality to make running your site as easy as posting to social media.
Custom Built For Your Specific Needs.

Our approach to website development is unwaveringly focused on excellence.

Ladies and gentlemen,

At ManJon Studios, we do more than just create websites; we build personalized communities. Our commitment goes beyond the digital realm. We empower our clients to not only establish their online presence but also maintain a thriving community through their websites.

In today’s digital landscape, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that your users experience your brand with the same ease and convenience as using a dedicated app.

But our services don’t stop there. We understand that businesses have various software subscriptions, adding up to monthly bills. Our websites are designed to replace many of these costly subscriptions, helping you cut those bills and redirect resources where they matter most.

Imagine having a website that offers features like appointment scheduling, property booking, e-commerce capabilities, seamless automatic sharing of posts across all your social platforms, and tailored customizations to suit your specific business needs. We don’t just imagine it; we make it a reality.

What sets us apart is our dedication to making your website function like an app on mobile devices. We take a fully designed desktop website and fine-tune it to provide a seamless mobile experience.

At ManJon Studios, we don’t just build websites; we build bridges between your brand and your audience. We invite you to join us in the journey of creating not just websites but thriving digital communities.

Thank you.

Capone De Leon

Founder and Lead Developer
ManJon Studios Advertising Agency+

Holding The Keys To Your Own Community is Key

You are building a legacy even if you don't know it. The problem is currently someone else holds the keys to all you are building.

Content management system
Manage Your Content All Under One Service

Remove the hassle of having to jump from one service to another and start putting all of your efforts into growing your network.

Reach The Desired Audience

Streamlining Content Management Made Easy!

Your web site will be set up to easily post content just like you would through any other social media site. Through tags, we will be able to sort your posts on your site so that they populate the proper areas of your site, filling it with content that will eventually turn into a steady stream of search traffic.

The website we create can be moved to any hosting service or your own personal servers at any time so you will always retain full control of all of your files.  Best of all as we move into Web 3.0 your database driven web site will be prepared for the future of web 3.0.



Replace shopify

Compared to the Shopify advanced account this saves you $3,588 per year

Replace ClickFUnnels

Compared to the Funnel Hacker account on ClickFunnels this plan saves $2,496 per year

Replace Hootsuite

Compared to the pro plan in Hootesuite this will save you $1,188 per year

Replace Honeybook

Compared to the Honeybook Essentials plan this will save you $192 per year.

Replace Patreon

Compared to the Premium Patreon which charges a 12% of fees, you will pay 0%.

Replace Web Master

Compared to paying a web master to make updates for you, now you can do it.

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We Make The Process Easy

Our Quick Approach Will Get You Online Faster!

It all starts with a meeting, we learn all about your business so we can craft specific functionalities that will give your customers the best experience.

Just complete this from, make your payment and let’s start building.

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