How to Define an Actionable Social Media ROI for your Business

With the rise of various social media platforms nowadays, almost everything, including business, use this as another way to make their venture popular and also to gain more clients and stockholders. In fact, social media has been another determinant of any business’ promos, offers and even its reputation. This is why most of the business exert efforts in making a presentable yet catchy social media accounts as another way of promotion, gaining more customers, and also in encouraging their previous customers to provide feedbacks.

These efforts, however, does not always guarantee that business will always be good. Customer engagements does not also assure that it can promise more profit as well. Generally, every activity happening on the social media does not guarantee money always. Yet, social media account is another important criterion in building the accountability of any business, making it an essential ingredient of an established and legitimate business in town.

Importance of ROI in Social Media

It has become an expectation that businesses must have a definite and accountable social media account and must have a good and respected social media presence.
Social media has been another way to provide awareness about the business-what it can offer, promos and packages, among others.
The reputation of a business is also determined on how the customers share their experience on the business, and the customer service it provides.
Through social media, businesses can be able to see areas that needs to be improved.

Ways to Have an Established ROI in Social Media

Identify the objective of social media for your business.
Social media id not just for the purpose of attracting money for the business. There are other reasons why social media must be done, and that depends on the type of brand your business has.  Some of it are:

  • Awareness of the brand
  • Meeting certain services needed by customers
  • Community building purposes

Answering the “why” your product is existing is very essential before putting up your social media platform. With this, decisions on time frame and money to spend is also determined.

Make social goals that are attainable

Having specific and measurable goals must also be done before making social media account and waiting for its ROI. Having a specific goal provides an easier way to make definite actions and strategies in establishing and maintaining social ROI, in fact, making a confused customer who just clicked the link to the product to a paying customer. It is not enough to check those that clicked the links on any social media accounts.

Calculate the goals

After determining the goals, tracking is another thing to do.It can be done in various ways, like using Google Analytics. Aside from helping to know about the social traffic and the channels that contribute to social traffic, this Google application helps to determine and assess the financial social media ROI.