Manage Your Custom WordPress Website Like a Pro

Manage Your Custom WordPress Website Like a Pro

THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER COURSE: You must have either gone through the free course for installing your custom built web site or paid for the install from ManJon Studios.

Tired of paying endless monthly fees for essential online tools? Your ManJon Studios built website is more than just a pretty face – it’s a powerful all-in-one solution that replaces expensive software subscriptions and empowers you to manage your business online, on your terms.

Here’s what sets your ManJon Studios built website apart:

  • Sell Like a Pro: WooCommerce replaces the need for Shopify or Etsy or other shopping sites that want to charge you monthly fees for pro versions.  With WooCommerce you can custom build the pro versions into your site allowing you to sell products and services directly through your website with complete control and no monthly fees.
  • Unlimited Email Marketing: Ditch Mailchimp or other monthly services or even per email services! The built-in Newsletter plugin lets you send unlimited emails to your subscribers, keeping them engaged without any monthly fees.
  • Create Exclusive Content: Replicate Patreon or OnlyFans with Paid Membership Pro. Offer exclusive content, subscriptions, and tiered memberships, all managed through your website.
  • Effortless Appointments: Forget Bookly or other appointment setting services! Jet Appointments allows you to manage appointments, schedules, and bookings seamlessly within your website.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Crocoblock and Elementor Pro provide the power to customize your website to fit your specific needs. Imagine building any software you can dream of, right on your own website!

This course is your key to unlocking the full potential of your ManJon Studios website:

  • Learn to manage your online store, create memberships, and send unlimited emails.
  • Discover how to schedule appointments and customize your website’s design with ease.
  • Say goodbye to expensive monthly subscriptions and take complete control of your online business.

Don’t just manage your website, master it! This course equips you with the skills to transform your ManJon Studios website into a powerful and cost-effective solution for your online success.

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